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Try To Understand Each Other

by Kylie (follow)

Try to Understand Each Other
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Some people can live like hermits
Totally on their own
They prefer their own company
No other input, totally alone.

Sometimes this is a spiritual thing
Communing with God only
Sometimes it a frightened thing
Fear of people phony.

I also like to spend some time by myself
In my own thoughts without disturbance
To give my brain a chance to process
The input from the Universe.

Although I like my time alone, it’s not all of the time
At times I seek out others, to share some thoughts of mine.
To listen also to their thoughts and to challenge my own view.
I like to have to logically demonstrate why I think as I do.

I had a visitor last night, she is so sure of her own mind
She’s verbose in her own sentiments, and shoots other’s down – unkind
She is quite combative, she is so sure she is right
There is no room for exploration – nearly came to a verbal fight!

She’s here again tonight, I am mentally prepared
To listen and agree with her, my thoughts will not be bared
I’ll nod and smile and nod again and agree with every word
‘Yes you are right’ I’ll smile and say, because I know I won’t be heard.

And yet she has so many points that are so very good
Take the negatives with the positives, and may be understood
She is very, very confident, and her intent it is not bad
It’s good to value differences and what experience can be had.

Expression is a funny thing, don’t ever take it personally
We all need to do it, it helps us grow, universally.
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