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Letting Go, and Moving On

by Kylie (follow)

Letting go and Moving One
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It had only been a couple of days, and already I missed you
I missed the connection and the contact too
This is a weakness in me, this I know
I want to be needed, loved, appreciated and so
I've waivered from anger to trying to appease
from trying to hurt you and trying to please.

You understand this, I know that you do.
The reason I write this is my need, I know.
You will continue to go with the flow
You will take a path that is best for you,
which will lead you the best way to what you want to do.

This path will provide you with the best outcomes
which will cost you the least,
but give you the best for yourself, your daughters and sons
I wish I had met you more than 5 years ago
I wish you had not needed to scam as you go.

I wish you had not needed to pick up and ditch
Looking for women who may be considered ‘rich’
Who you could target to further your dreams
but I know that is how it works, it's just that it seems
cold and calculating at face
and yet you have done it with an amazing amount of grace.

You know my problems, you know I’m unstable.
Still, even with that, I have been able
to follow through with the things that I promised
I’m just so sorry,
to be honest……..
the relationship you are in now seems perfect and what I had hoped for you anyhow.

I just find it difficult for me
because I also have my insecurity.
Sometimes you seem much older than me.
Our cultures are different, I think you would agree.
Your background made you grow up very fast
you have learnt many ways to make things last.

I think we have reached the point
Where we can move on, you have fulfilled our agreement
and so have I
I never want to loose your friendship,It is so precious to me.
So reach for your goals sweetheart, reach for the sky.
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