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Have You Ever Felt Like This

by Summer Rae (follow)
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Have you ever?
Have you ever felt like this?
Like you're going around the twist?
When strange things happen
And you feel a bit a miss.

Have you ever?
Have you ever felt like this?
Have you ever seen the sun sooo bright and burning like a bomb exploding and soaring towards you with the sound of a jet engine?

Have you ever?
Ever had the wind change and the trees all around you sway and thunder their leaves in chaos as the intense tension of nuclear bombs comes towards you and your world?

Have you ever?
Ever felt like this?
When strange things happen
And you don't realise your going around the twist?
So many things that I could list.
Have you ever?
Ever felt like this?

Like choosing between a black, green or blue lighter was the choice of life or death?
Felt the horror and threat within your chest?

Seen specks of dust and small flys and believed they were fairies all around your house?
Heard the tinkle of your cats bell
And thought Tinker fairy was close by as well?

Have you ever? Ever felt like this?
Have you ever not fallen asleep but laid awake for weeks in bed thinking and thinking imaging you're dreaming?
But believing the thoughts you controlled in your dream would create the future?
Like a dejavu, a dream that has come true?

Have you ever? Ever felt like this and no one knew you were going around the twist?
In a sharehouse, busy, bustling with parties and a haze
Everyone in a daze
And strange things happened and finally you were noticed?
By someone not your closest?

Your mind racing with thoughts,
So busy trying to piece together the meanings for all the smallest things.
Thinking you have worked out all the solutions and answers and remember the saying that 'Jesus has the answers'.

So what does this mean?
Have you ever? Ever thought you may be a descendant of god like in the Da Vinci Code film?
Put on the earth to help others?
Some kind of fairy angel goddess with powers?

How amazing to finally realise how special you are and that all your suffering was for everyone's sins and now everything is going to be okay. Ok (the O with a dot in the middle.)

Meaning everything started with a Big Bang, a speck of dust inside the O.
And that's why the world was being bombed and all your family and special friends were helping to save the devine good people, not the bad demon people.

Have you ever? Ever felt like this?
Like finally you found yourself and didn't need to wear clothes?
That people could be proud of their beautiful form and dance in front of the sharehouse TV naked like the Trueman Show film broadcasting to the world that everything was going to be okay.

Wow, so many things to list,
So in depth, perhaps another day
I will have some more to say.
But know,
If you have ever, ever felt like this. Like you are going around the twist,
When strange things happen
And things are quite a miss

You are not alone
You are not a clone
But you can get help and you can enjoy a new life free from what may have tipped you over
Be a little sober
Visit the ocean and garden retreats.
Take medication, eventually the days, weeks, months will pass
And that time will seem like seven years have passed
It may not be the last,
But you sure do learn and grow so fast.

Have you ever? Ever felt like this?
When great things happen
Even just a loving kiss?!


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