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Forever School Days

by pippa (follow)
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Attending 5 days a week from the age of 5
Feeling like it's not worth being alive
Hoping one day the tests would end
And all the fights would go and mend

Troubled mind from age 15
There must be more than what I've seen
The walls of the classroom more enjoyable
Not really caring about being employable

So the classes were made for factory folk
Me being there just felt like a joke
Amongst these beings some nice and polite
Others would just put up a fight

Run the playground and kiss someone
Tag you're it oh what fun
But then there were rules of where you're aloud
Heaven forbid you did not make them proud

Once felt like punching the teacher to death
From his arrogance and inexplicable breath
The things they did teach us just did not mean much
To me or to her or to any of us

For a future that was prescribed yester year
The lesson were just text books full of fear
The process now known of how to make more
Wrote my own book for the money store

We were kids once and a day ago
Here we are now and what's to show
A number on paper to hold up high
Never were we shown how to fly

A teacher once put an eagle in my book
Sore high it said and I gave her a look
Who was she and what did I find
As the rest of the teachers appeared to be blind

I can't remember having many dreams
What are they for unimportant it seems
No where to go or to try and reach
Endless information is what they teach

A practical approach may have gone down well
Get me a career not a way to hell
It was endless I tell you forever everyday
We were told there was no other way

If only we could have been free
Adventure out to go and see
The great things in life as they do exist
Now I forget what else I have missed

School days went on 5 days a week
All I remember is turning the other cheek
Some good days some bad all in all
Thank goodness it's over and I can stand tall

It's not the end it's just the start
We can continue to make our art
I think art was the only time I agreed
It would be ok for me to breed

Would I wish school upon the next generation
Or will society find liberation

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